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  1. Is climate change to blame for Australian floods? Heavy rain is affecting millions of people across the country. Flooding takes place all the time, but some say global warming is making it worse.

  2. Should we respect cats more? A study has found pet cats choose to ignore their owners when they want to. Cats have been worshipped in many cultures – should we continue to do so?

  3. Is plastic the future for roads? A road in India has been built with reused plastic rubbish. Smooth, hard and everlasting, plastic makes a great alternative to traditional tarmac.

  4. Should trainers be banned? Adidas are giving their most famous trainer an eco-makeover. But some warn that buying the trainers does more harm than good.

  5. Should we let Ancient Egyptians rest in peace? Scientists have used computers to create a realistic picture of King Tutunkhamun’s father. Are we too fascinated by Ancient Egypt?

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