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  1. Are pictures the best way to tell a story? An ancient cave painting of a kangaroo has been found in Australia. It is the oldest man-made art ever found in the country.

  2. Do young people know better than adults? President Joe Biden, who is 78, has asked a 14-year-old girl for tips on fighting climate change. Should adults listen to young people more?

  3. Are superheroes the best role models? A TV show about some of the Marvel heroes will soon be coming to our screens. They are all skilled – but not all of them use their power for good.

  4. Should we be more like dolphins? Researchers have found that these animals share a number of similar personality traits with us. They are curious and sociable – as well as peaceful.

  5. Was Charles Darwin the greatest scientist of all time? A case of his items is going on display in a museum. Some say his theory of evolution was the most important discovery ever made.

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