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  1. Is imagination a superpower? In a superhero movie, a girl befriends a squirrel who seems to have special powers. But is her ability to believe in him the best skill of them all?

  2. Does social media make us less confident? TikTok star Addison Rae has had to deal with bullies as well as fans. She says social media has made it difficult to love herself sometimes.

  3. Are we too harsh on wasps? The stinging insects are some of the most unpopular animals on Earth. But new research shows they are very caring and even babysit for each other.

  4. Will we soon be wearing smart clothes? Lots of people already wear watches to track health. But new smart materials could help us stay warmer, safer – and even change colour with our mood.

  5. Will flying cars make life easier? A new design of flying car has just been approved for the skies. Is this just another useless gadget, or will it improve life?

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