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  1. Are crocodiles the world’s greatest survivors? More than 60 million years ago, an asteroid wiped out almost every living being – but not crocodiles. Some think their shape helped them survive.

  2. Could space mining help us live on the Moon? Scientists on the International Space Station are looking for ways to dig for minerals in space. If they succeed, we could start building on the Moon.

  3. Can trains of the future run on leftovers? A UK company is working on green trains that can be powered by old food. They hope the machines will fight climate change and prevent food waste.

  4. Will we soon be flying in electric planes? NASA has been building a series of high-tech aircraft, from supersonic jets to electric planes. They could be in our skies by next year.

  5. Should everybody go vegan? A record-breaking number of people have signed up for Veganuary this year. Some say a plant-based diet is a key way to save the planet.

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