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  1. Do animals see optical illusions? New research shows that some birds are tricked by optical illusions the same way as humans. The discovery explains a lot about how we evolved.

  2. Could frozen seeds save the world? The Millennium Seed Bank has turned 20. Scientists say its collection of frozen seeds could provide food, fight climate change and even cure cancer.

  3. Should museums return objects to their original countries? A plan has been announced for a new museum in Nigeria to provide a home for the Benin Bronzes – ancient works of art taken from Africa by colonists.

  4. Could chocolate make us more clever? A new study shows that drinking cocoa could increase oxygen in your brain, improving your memory and ability to understand new information.

  5. Should climbing Mount Everest be banned? Microplastics have been discovered close to the summit of the tallest mountain in the world. Some say Everest is suffering from too many visitors.

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