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  1. Do we rely on machines too much? Amazon has announced that Alexa will soon be able to ask us follow-up questions. Some worry that we put too much trust in smart speakers.

  2. Should we have more bank holidays? A special four-day weekend has been announced for 2022 to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – celebrating the 70 years she has been on the throne.

  3. Should destroying nature be a crime? There are growing calls for the crime of “ecocide” to be recognised in international law. Could people really be punished for harming the environment?

  4. Should junk food adverts be banned? The UK government wants to ban adverts for sweet and fatty foods that show during programmes for children. Some say the block should be for everyone.

  5. Do we care too much about presents? Black Friday is usually one of the biggest days in the year for shops. This year, the sales will be online – but they are just as popular as ever.

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