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  1. Are nature programmes good for mental health? A study suggests that watching programmes about animals and nature can boost your mood, meaning they could support mental wellbeing.

  2. Is poetry the best way to share our emotions? A teenager has won a prize for her poetry. The winning composition was all about how school pupils can get stressed before tests and exams.

  3. Should we ban glitter? Two supermarkets have announced they will not use glitter this Christmas. Some people think the tiny pieces of plastic should be banned completely.

  4. Should we learn to be better at losing? The feeling of winning a competition or race is fantastic. But the disappointment of losing can actually boost us to perform better in the future.

  5. Do children know better than adults? A new film about Greta Thunberg explores her amazing life story. She has been campaigning since she was 15 and has inspired many world leaders.

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