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  1. Is it better to read aloud? Most adults read books, newspapers, messages and adverts without saying a word. But research finds reading out loud could be better for our memory.

  2. Are fires in Siberia a warning to us all? Global warming is causing permanent frozen ground in the eastern region of Russia to melt, and wildfires are spreading too quickly to be controlled.

  3. Should all companies be made to produce recyclable packaging? Pringles are redesigning their packaging to make them easier to recycle. Should other companies be encouraged to make similar changes?

  4. Should we spend more time outdoors? After the lockdown, people are rediscovering a love of the outdoors. A growing number are moving to places with gardens and access to parks.

  5. Do our faces have accents? The way you speak reveals a lot about where you come from. But your face and movements could say more about who you are than you realise.

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