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  1. Can robots help with loneliness? Robots that can hold conversations and discover people’s interests are to be deployed in UK care homes after a trial found they boosted mental health.

  2. Should everybody cycle more? The UK government has announced it wants people to use alternative forms of transport. Cycling is fast and green. Plus, it’s fun and keeps us healthy.

  3. Could there be aliens living on Earth? A new project has widened the search for alien life in the Milky Way. But some scientists believe we should be looking much closer to home.

  4. Will technology replace the need for cows? Scientists have perfected a method of making “green” milk using cells from dairy products. They hope it will help reduce our global carbon footprint.

  5. Are flying cars the future? Developers in Japan have been testing a drone-like flying car. It uses propellors to stay in the air and can hover in the air for nearly five minutes.

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