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  1. Should we eat more like the Japanese? People live longer in Japan than anywhere else on the planet. This health success could all be down to what they put on their plates.

  2. Have we solved the mystery of the dinosaurs? For years, nobody could be sure what killed off the dinosaurs. Now, a study has proof it was definitely an asteroid that caused the mass extinction.

  3. Should everyone ride an E-scooter? The UK government has lifted bans on electric scooters. The decision could make our cities greener – but some worry the machines are dangerous.

  4. Did giant penguins roam the Earth? Fossils found in New Zealand revealed that there were once penguins as large as men. Now, scientists think these birds lived across four continents.

  5. Will the cars of the future run on hydrogen? Advances in technology could change the way we travel: trains, double decker buses, and cars could all run on green, hydrogen fuel.

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