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  1. Does it rain helium on Saturn? We may be used to rainstorms on Earth but, on the ringed planet, temperatures are so extreme that helium could be falling from the clouds.

  2. Has a new star changed astronomy? Scientists have discovered an object in space unlike anything they have seen before. This dark matter star could alter the way we study space.

  3. Is recognising birds a superpower? One 14-year-old can identify the calls of over 80 different birds. He says the skill is the closest humans can get to being superheroes.

  4. Do our senses create an alternative reality? Humans cannot see some colours, and we miss out on sounds that dogs hear easily. In fact, our senses might not be as accurate as we think they are.

  5. Can we avoid climate disaster? Greta Thunberg thinks that lockdown has helped people trust science. She hopes that the end of the pandemic brings a new beginning for the planet.

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