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  1. Should an Xbox be able to limit our gaming time? A new mobile app from Xbox is aiming to tackle too much screen time by controlling how long children spend using the games console.

  2. Did climate change kill the kangaroos? New research has found that the giant animals that used to roam Australia may have been wiped out by extreme climate change.

  3. Will going vegan save the planet? Scientists have released a list of ways to cut down on our carbon footprint. One of the suggestions is switching to a plant-based diet.

  4. Is the lockdown a threat to our rainforests? There may be fewer cars on the road and planes in the air, but the global lockdown could be bad news for the rainforests.

  5. Were dinosaurs cannibals? Palaeontologists have found markings on ancient fossilised teeth that suggest some dinosaurs attacked and ate each other.

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