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  1. Do we worry too much? Over 80% of children say they worry about climate change. Others say they have eco-anxiety because adults aren’t doing enough to save the planet.

  2. Should the Olympics be cancelled? It used to be a contest of pure athleticism. But now it is about big money, illegal drugs, and world power. Time to drop the Olympics for good?

  3. Did fish once have fingers? Scientists have discovered a 380-million-year-old fish that had fingers instead of fins. The discovery could reveal secrets of human evolution.

  4. Have scientists found the most powerful black hole in space? Researchers recently detected a black hole explosion they say is the biggest one ever seen – almost as powerful as the Big Bang.

  5. Could Lego last forever? A recent study found that toys like Lego could last up to 1,300 years in the sea. Lego says it wants to make more sustainable products in the future.

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