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  1. Are there too many films about war? 1917, set in the muddy trenches of World War One, has been praised as one of the most impressive war films ever made. But are there too many?

  2. Should astronauts be genetically modified? Nasa is investigating the possibility of a new breed of space travellers, designed to deal with the challenges of life far from Earth.

  3. Should pop stars get involved in politics? Popular grime artist Stormzy has told young people to vote for the Labour Party in next month’s general election. Is music getting too political?

  4. Should football get rid of VAR? Since it was introduced this season, fans say the new video technology has slowed down matches and ruined the beautiful game. Time to go already?

  5. Would it be great if touch was digital too? We can already see and hear digitally. Now, US scientists are developing a “smart skin” which would let us touch and feel through our computers.

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