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  1. Should products made from fur be banned? California has become the first US state to ban animal-fur products, under a law signed last week. Many now want the rest of the world to follow.

  2. Should “summink” (meaning “something”) be in the dictionary? Summink’s up with the Oxford English Dictionary after its scholars added the word to their new edition. Some experts are outraged.

  3. Have Buddhist aliens arrived in Thailand? It may sound like science fiction, but tourists are flocking to a remote mountain to talk to extraterrestrials hovering above a big statue of Buddha.

  4. Will movie stars keep working until they are 100? Robert de Niro says computer graphics that make him look younger in his latest film mean he could keep acting for another 30 years.

  5. Was Britain happiest exactly 139 years ago? It was 1880. It was the year of the first cricket test match. The first frozen lamb arrived from Australia. It was also the UK’s happiest year.

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