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  1. Did a huge asteroid create the human race? Half a billion years ago, an asteroid clash spread dust across space. It blocked out the Sun for years — but it could be the reason we are here today.

  2. What if we didn’t need to sleep? Some people with special DNA only need to sleep for four hours a night. Scientists think that, one day, we may not need to sleep at all.

  3. Is working together more fun that competing? Minecraft is booming again, while Fortnite is foundering. Why do we keep going back to this game of cooperation and creativity?

  4. Is Disney helping to spread tolerance? A Jewish-Latina princess is to star in a Hannukah-themed Disney show. She will be the first Jewish princess in Disney’s 82-year history.

  5. Is the paperclip the best invention in history? It’s small. It’s simple. It has never gone out of fashion. Experts say the paperclip could be the most perfect design in history.

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