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  1. Should we stop buying mineral water? Badoit, the famous French fizzy water, is running out. Other big brands are under threat. Is the world running out of water?

  2. Does nature always bounce back? Sixty-two years after the Thames was declared biologically dead, scientists have discovered that the river is home to 136 seal pups.

  3. Would mind-reading computers improve our lives? A company has invented a tiny microchip that enables you to control a computer with your brain. Brilliant breakthrough or a potential curse?

  4. Do deepfakes threaten democracy? Deepfakes are getting more convincing. Zao, an app taking China by storm, uses AI to insert users into famous films. Is the technology dangerous?

  5. Do truth tellers always suffer hatred? Increasingly, Greta Thunberg is the target of vicious criticism. Why? Is it because some men can’t bear to hear unsettling truths from a young woman.

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