The Day wants to help you bring the news to life — in classrooms and during weekly assemblies. That is why we will be providing PDF presentation slides and accompanying notes on an important news story each week. They will include photos, videos and discussion questions to help your students think deeply about current affairs.


The new coronavirus is all but certain to be declared a pandemic very soon. Should this have happened earlier? What difference will this make?


With Mother's Day on Sunday we look at how mothers are represented across different cultures.


The Queen and other royals marked Commonwealth Day at a special service in Westminster Abbey this week. But is the Commonwealth still relevant?


What is this new coronavirus and how careful should we be? The World Health Organisation has declared a global emergency and the UK announced new powers to keep people in quarantine.

The idea of Europe

What is Europe? The answer might seem obvious. One of Earth's seven continents of course. But in reality "Europe" is just as much an idea, a civilisation and a project. This week launches a new chapter in its fascinating story.

Chinese New Year

The Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year launches The Year of The Rat. Over a billion people will celebrate for the next 15 days with their families. For the Chinese, the rat is an animal that symbolises wealth and new beginnings.

Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day celebrates the birthday of the activist and church minister who became the lead speaker for the Civil Rights Movement. Many people use the day to volunteer for a good cause.

Christmas presents

Christmas is a time for gifts. Like the three wise men bringing their offerings for baby Jesus, we take turns giving and receiving presents of our own. Not to mention Father Christmas, the biggest giver of all!

The Turner prize

Should awards just have one winner? This week, for the first time in its history, the Turner Prize for art was awarded to all four finalists. They say their art is about working together, not competing with one another.


Should Advent be exciting or solemn? In the 21st century, the four weeks before Christmas are a time for buying presents, eating chocolate and singing songs. However, Advent was traditionally a time of quiet reflection.

Why voting matters

Does voting make a difference? The UK is getting ready to choose its next prime minister. On 12 December, adults across the country will vote in one of the most important General Elections in recent history.


Is climate change to blame for wildfires? Huge blazes have broken out in Australia and California in recent weeks. Scientists say that we must stop burning fossil fuels in order to stop the extreme weather getting even worse.

Anti-bullying week

What should you do if you are worried about bullying? Anti-bullying week begins on Monday. Bullying takes many different forms, some of which are more obvious than others, but they are all very hurtful for the victim.

The magic of fireworks

Why do we love fireworks? On 5 November every year, the UK celebrates bonfire night. People up and down the country gather for incredible fireworks displays. Where did this tradition come from, and is it a waste of money?

Plastic pollution

Can we save our oceans from plastic? An explorer completed the deepest ever solo dive, descending seven miles to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. While he was there, he spotted a plastic bag and sweet wrappers.